Land Surveying in Minnesota: Land Surveying Services & Their Benefits

If you require land surveying in Minnesota, Pioneering Engineering, P.A. is a professional association with local experience in several types of surveying. Although surveying has been around for years, some businesses and property owners forget that a survey is of vital importance to land ownership.

It Helps You Purchase Property
A land survey helps you decide if a potential land purchase is good or bad. A survey can determine several things prior to purchasing a parcel of land such as, whether or not the land is a flood-prone area or if the deed shown to you by the seller truly reflects the correct size of the property. These are just some examples of what can be revealed during a land survey, and information varies depending on the type of land survey you get done.

Subdividing Land
A boundary survey is very helpful in either commercial or residential situations because it subdivides land into smaller portions. This type of survey serves businesses that want to parcel land and sell off portions, or for families that have large areas of land and need to divide it among siblings or grandchildren for inheritance purposes.

It Helps With Construction
Whatever type of project you’re taking on, land surveying is ideal for construction projects as well. A construction survey can measure where to put a road for instance, or the best area to place a building. If you are dealing with existing structures, that’s where a building permit survey is necessary to continue with construction.

Pioneering Engineering, P.A. is a reputable Professional Association for land surveying in Minnesota. We are staffed with professional land surveyors, surveyors in training, and CADD and field technicians to complete a survey to your satisfaction. We only use state-of-the-art software including Autodesk Civil3d and Trimble Business Center, along with incorporating current technology in the field. Contact us today to obtain a project estimate.