Looking for Land Surveying In Minnesota?
Pioneer Engineering is a leading professional association providing a range of services relating to land surveying in Minnesota.  Our land surveying, civil engineering, landscape architecture, and land planning services are perfect in helping you determine property boundaries, area and perimeters, preparing construction layouts, and more.

Why Do You Need Land Surveys?
Whether you are a home owner or the owner of a business establishment, land survey services can be vitally important for the protection of your property and to provide proof of title and ownership. At Pioneer Engineering our professionals use Robotic Total Stations and GPS to provide the most accurate and precise results in:

  • Preliminary and final plats, condominium plats, common-interest community plats and registered land surveys
  • Boundary surveys, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, topographic surveys, building permit surveys, lot surveys, as-built surveys, grading and foundation surveys, flood-elevation certificates
  • Staking and field services for wetland locations, soil-boring locations, construction staking, property corner placement, and house staking
  • Our services also include legal description creation and analysis, property description, easement descriptions, lot splits, lot combinations, easement vacation, machine control, and FAA certifications

It is easy to see how such certifications and surveys can help you if you’re planning to sell or lease your property. They are also a requirement in most cases if you’re looking to raise financing and wish to pledge your property as security for that. Our services lend credence to your ownership and provide clarity of your title; this is important to certify your assets even if you are not planning to sell or lease your property.

Give us a call to learn more about land surveying in Minnesota.  Call us at 651-681-1914 or fax us at 651-681-9488. Drop us a line at our email address info@pioneereng.com or use our contact page to get in touch with any question you may have.