Minnesota Land Surveyors: Serving the Twin Cities

A local project calls for local expertise, which Minnesota lands surveyors can provide. Land surveying is a large net of testing and assessments that involve different types of surveys. Depending on your project need, local surveyors know topography and the correct survey to produce any legal documentation you need for permitting or government authorities.

Boundary Survey
Do you need to know property lines of a newly purchase property? A standard boundary survey can solve this mystery. You may have the deed, but require more information. A survey like this will determine the property lines of the parcel that’s described in your deed. A boundary survey also indicates the extent of easements or encroachments or may show limitations set forth by state or local regulations.

Topographic Survey
On occasion, designing a residential building or a roadway involves more than a land title survey. It might be necessary to show perimeter boundary lines of easements on or crossing the property being assessed, so a designer can accurately show zoning requirements. A topographic survey can map the contours of the ground, and existing factors on the surface, or below. These factors include trees, buildings, streets, manholes, retaining, walls, and so on.

Flood Elevation Certificates (FEMA)
The Twin Cities is prone to flooding, which means as a property owner or builder your concern is being able to obtain flood insurance. A Flood Elevation Certificate is mandated by FEMA and calls for an official record that shows new buildings have substantial improvements in all Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs).  A survey from the right Minnesota land surveyors can be conducted to produce elevation information that shows compliance with the floodplain management ordinance.

At Pioneering Engineering, P.A, our professional land surveyors can assist you with these types of surveys and many more services, such as land planning or landscape architecture. We are a reputable Professional Association of Minnesota land surveyors. Our land surveyors, surveyors in training, and CADD and field technicians have extensive expertise and years in the field.

With state-of-the-art software including Autodesk Civil3d and Trimble Business Center, we continually bring the latest technology to our clients. Contact us to obtain an estimate on your project.