Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed – Pt. 2

Access to Roads and Utilities
A property survey will tell you about any easements and rights-of-way issues. If you are buying property, you need to make sure you have an easement to connect your driveway to the road. A survey will tell you if a neighbor has the right to walk across your property to reach the street. Also, a property would be more valuable if there are existing easements for utilities.

Water, Electric, Gas, Telephone Poles, Etc.
Poles and above-ground wires may be obvious, but property surveying will report the existence of underground pipes, or cables. A utility company may have the right to use a segment of your property for upkeep of these utilities, and therefore may have say in how tall you can let your trees grow, etc. You’ll want to be aware of these underground utilities so excavation/construction on your property doesn’t come as a surprise.

Subdividing Your Property
A survey is needed if you are subdividing a property. This will ensure your plots will qualify for a building permit since there are usually a minimum number of square feet required.

Getting a Mortgage or Refinancing an Existing One
Most mortgage companies require a survey before they will grant a mortgage. This ensures the accuracy of the documents and protects their investment.

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