Types of Landscape Architecture Work

Types of Landscape Architecture Work

If you have a large area that needs to be developed, residential or commercial, a landscape architect will be needed to assist with that development. He or she will handle most aspects of the job and make sure the property is designed properly and legally. Before you hire someone to handle your landscape architecture in Minnesota, here are some facts you need to know about their work.

General Duties
Here are some of the general duties performed by landscape architects:

  • Landscape Design: A landscape architect will develop the brief, plan for the site and the measurement. He or she may make drawings of the project and its construction and planting.
  • Supervise Contracts and Documents: He or she will help clients work with landscape designers as the agent of the clients or the project manager.
  • Investigate Effects of the Project: This will include research on how the land use may change over time and the damage caused by weather and the environment.
  • Write Policies: He or she may help with writing policies that will be used by planning authorities.

Types of Projects
A landscape architect may work on these types of projects:

  • Manage Stormwater: including wetlands or green roofs
  • Educational Use: design land that is used for educational purposes
  • Sustainable Use: land use that needs to be developed in a sustainable way
  • Natural Settings: including parks, gardens and preserves
  • Residential: planning and design for estates and homes
  • City Planning: including anything from parking lots to a town square
  • Recreation: covers places to play sports, golf or children playgrounds
  • Commercial Sites: includes developing land for commercial and industrial use
  • Eco-friendly Design: reduces the negative impacts of the environment
  • Infrastructure like roads and bridges
  • Housing Facilities
  • Conservation of Historical Sites
  • Tourist Sites
  • Mitigation for Coastal Areas
  • Power Plants
  • Reservoirs and Dams

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