What’s Involved with Landscape Architecture?

Services associated with landscape architecture can vary slightly between companies. However, almost all companies offer installation, design and maintenance of trees, plants and other outdoor features to enhance the look of your home or business’s surroundings. While seeking companies that offer landscape architecture in Minnesota, you should look for one that includes:

Landscape plans: After reviewing your property and learning the goals you have for your yard or garden, a landscape architect will generate a detailed landscape plan including proposed additions, including the varieties of plants and their arrangements and sizes.

Trail planning: In addition to foliage, the proper placement of trails or pavement will greatly enhance the beauty of your outdoor area.

Amenity and monument areas: These areas need to be properly accessible and lit to be enjoyed by visitors. You’ll also want them to include the right sculptures, furniture and other elements.

Maintenance: If you want your newly-designed landscape to remain healthy and beautiful, you should request a maintenance plan. This will keep visitors coming and ensure value when paying for your services.

The first step to acquiring services for landscape architecture in Minnesota is to determine which services you’re in need of. Pioneer Engineering’s landscape architects possess a strong work ethic and innovative approaches to problem solving, thus resulting in a beautiful outdoor area that meets your needs. We also work closely with you and the right departments to address your needs while complying with government regulations. For more information on our services, call us today at (651) 681-1914.

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